Energy Saving Solutions

Sunshine Lighting Company is pleased to offer lighting energy upgrades to help your company reduce energy usage and save money while achieving the same lighting performance. We're the lighting company to help you keep your lights bright for less!

  • Retrofitting Existing Fixtures--for maximum performance and minimum investment, Sunshine Lighting recommends retrofitting your existing system with energy efficient parts.  This process involves replacing individual ballasts, lamps, or sockets resulting in more efficient lighting without the cost of replacing the entire fixture.

  • Replacing Existing Fixtures--some fixtures such as Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium cannot be retrofitted.  However, they can be replaced with more energy efficient fluorescent fixtures, or LED fixtures, substantially reducing the wattage.

  • High Efficiency Upgrades--simply switching to higher performing lamps can cut your energy costs dramatically. Sunshine Lighting offers new T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps as well as other commercial grade light bulbs; these offer energy savings, longer life, and affordable pricing.

  • Electronic ballasts--electronic ballasts are more efficient than the old style electromagnetic ballasts.  Electronic ballasts are energy-efficient and reduce the flicker typically caused by older ballasts. Sunshine would love to help you achieve improved lighting and reduce your energy bills at the same time.

  • Sensors--lighting is responsible for much of an office's electricity use. In addition to retrofitting or replacing your fixtures, added energy savings can be realized by the installation of occupancy sensors. Occupancy sensors can provide significant energy savings by providing lighting only where and when it is needed. Good applications for sensors are private offices, restrooms, conference rooms, and store rooms. Zoned occupancy sensors in warehouses can result in significant energy savings.

We also offer lamp recycling for our customers. Sunshine Lighting is committed to helping our clients be eco-friendly by ensuring that the mercury in used light bulbs is properly recycled.


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